Wing Lift®


Get Lifted

Say goodbye to sagging skin and decreased sensitivity and regain your confidence and sexual wellness with a Vampire Wing Lift® in Austin, Texas.  By using your body’s own cells, we can increase blood flow and stimulate new growth of collagen and elasticity in the skin.

What It Treats

  • Sagging Skin
    Decreased Sensitivity

Area It Treats

  • Labia


Procedure Time:

40 to 60 minutes


Recovery Time:

0 to 60?

Reclaim your feminine strength.

How it works

The Vampire Wing Lift® uses blood-derived growth factors, combined with an hyaluronic filler, to rejuvenate the labia (“wings”) and “lift” them back to the natural shape of the individual’s younger self.

The Vampire Wing Lift® we perform in Austin doesn’t just improve your appearance—it also creates new tissue, which leads to improved functionality and an increase in sensitivity for overall rejuvenated sexual wellness.

After an examination by Dr. Porter in our Austin Texas office, patients will internally be numb for about 30 minutes., during which time we will perform the Vampire Wing Lift® procedure.



Our board certified physicians have a passion for enhancing the sexual wellness of the Austin community. With non-surgical procedures, innovative technology, and a compassionate and experienced staff, we hope to help our patients feel valued and comfortable with their treatments as they take steps toward better sexual health. Rest assured—we’ve heard and seen it all—and our goal is to restore your confidence without adding any stress.




Heal Faster, with PRP.


At the core of all of our Vampire Wing Lift® treatments is the use of platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, which is derived from the patient’s own body. PRP has the benefit of helping create new blood vessels, nerve endings, and collagen. This PRP has shown to stimulate growth, blood flow, and increased sensitivity.

After meeting with Dr. Porter, the treatments can be custom-tailored to meet a woman’s needs, including overall rejuvenation, sagging skin, and decreased sensitivity caused from childbirth or aging.

Quick, Customized Treatments.


Results that work. Results that last.


Compared to other vaginal rejuvenation treatments, Vampire Wing Lift® targets the wings of the labia, offering a deeper and more effective treatment. PRP actually produces new tissue rather than just treating existing tissue.

Using cells from the patient’s own body helps increase the body’s response rate to treatment.

Improve your health & lifestyle

Learn more about how the Vampire Wing Lift® in Austin, Texas may be able to improve your overall wellness and help you reclaim your sexual health.

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