Intimate Bleaching Flash Sale

Only 10 Intimate Bleaching kits left at this price!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we are offering $101 off the first 10 Intimate Bleaching kits. When they are gone they are gone. So act now. Reserve your package here or call 512-943-988.

Our Intimate Bleaching protocol includes

  • An in-office consultation with one of our team members in regard to the treatment to customize it specifically to your skin type
  • During your consultation, you will receive a comprehensive skin brighten plan.
    • After eight weeks of at-home care, you’ll return to for a chemical peel of the area to complete the treatment protocol.
  • The full treatment includes two office visits and all take-home products at a cost of $399, normally $500.
  • Bonus: Your treatment and additional areas can also be maintained afterward with the spare products provided.

*Patient is required to have an in-person consultant prior to the start of treatment.



"I recently received the P Shot with Dr. Emily Porter, and the results have been more than I expected. While I was prepared to see results over a couple weeks or months, I actually saw in increase in erection size and sensitivity in under a week. I did not tell me wife about the procedure, but she definitely noticed something was different. She not only commented on how I felt, she has initiated sex more in the last three weeks than she has in the last ten years. While I didn’t actually have ED before the procedure, I knew I wanted to feel more like my younger self. The results already have been more than worth it! I cannot recommend this procedure or Dr. Porter high enough." -Sam