Vaginal Dryness Treatments in Austin, Texas

Be ready whenever the moment strikes

Ever been in the security line at the airport and had the TSA agent confiscate your bottle of lube in front of your children? Check. Or had to run to the Walgreen’s at Times Square to buy a replacement bottle only to find out they don’t make one under 3.4 ounces for the plane trip home? We have. While the occasional marathon romp session requiring extra lube is most welcome, it can be a drag if sex hurts without it. So much for spontaneous sex in the backseat of your car unless it’s parked in your garage.

Vaginal dryness can happen due to monthly hormonal variations, breastfeeding, lack of foreplay, and certain medications. Allergy medicines are great for cedar, but not so great for your sex life. More permanent causes of vaginal dryness are menopause and cancer treatment. Already emotional periods in a woman’s life, she is rarely warned of the havoc a lack of estrogen will wreak on her vagina and chances at intimacy. While vaginal moisturizers and lubricants are great, you have the ability regain spontaneity with our vaginal dryness treatments in Austin, Texas.

Lubricants definitely have their place, but nothing is as good as Mother Nature. Even “natural” lubricants and saliva can disrupt the delicate pH and flora of the vagina, predisposing it to infections. Our vaginal dryness treatments in Austin, Texas work from within, naturally, while restoring vaginal health and decreasing the need for lubricants. The best part is that they’re ready on demand…so you can be, too!

don’t settle for dryness or pain.

Women should not have to live with pain during intercourse. Austin Love Doctor can help.


We value the sharing of knowledge, and that includes our techniques and practices to improve sexual wellness. Our physicians are among only a handful of industry leaders certified to train other physicians around the country on the best ways to administer O-Shot®, Priapus Shot®, and GAINSWave® treatments.


Our board-certified physicians have a passion for enhancing the sexual wellness of the Austin community. With non-surgical procedures, innovative technology, and a compassionate and experienced staff, we hope to help our patients feel valued and comfortable with their treatments as they take steps toward better sexual health. Rest assured—we’ve heard and seen it all—and our goal is to restore your confidence without adding any stress.

Even a quickie can't be quick if it involves a trip to the pharmacy for lube. Anytime, Anywhere...You Got This!