Hormone Replacement Therapy in Austin, Texas

The treatment you didn’t know you needed

Hormone imbalances and hormone deficiencies can have substantial effects on the mental and physical health of people including irritability/anxiety, brain fog, weight gain, lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, joint pain, or reduced sexual desire and performance. EvexiPEL Bioidentical Hormone Replacement in Austin, Texas, improves the quality of life through all-natural, bio-identical estrogen and/or testosterone that is released into the body as needed over a period of 3 to 6 months.

What It Treats

  • Hormone deficiency
    Hormone imbalance

Area It Treats

  • Whole Body
    Endocrine System


Procedure Time:

5 to 15 minutes

Recovery Time:

3-7 Days

it’s more than just hormones—

It’s your life. Dr. Emily Porter discusses what she typically sees in patients with a low sex drive,
and how EvexiPEL Hormone Replacement can help.

Experience increased energy and well-being with EvexiPEL® hormone replacement while protecting your bones, breasts, brain, and heart.

Hormone Replacement Club

Austin Love Doctor wanted to provide a better solution to hormone replacement therapy in Austin. That’s why we’ve created the EvexiPEL® Hormone Club. This is a subscription service that allows us to provide you with better, more efficient hormone replacement while also gaining access to a variety of other services to help you live the best life you can!

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How it works

During your initial consultation, Dr. Porter or Morrissey will discuss your symptoms and draw labs right in the office. In a few days, you will return and we will discuss the labs in detail to create a customized treatment plan for you. A small area on the buttocks or abdomen is cleansed and numbed, a small incision is made, and the pellets are inserted into the fat under the skin. No stitches are needed and your hormones will start to be absorbed in 3-7 days.

The pellets are smaller than a grain of rice and are placed in the fatty tissue beneath the skin. Proper dosage is determined by analysis of your blood work and your symptoms.



Our board certified physicians have a passion for enhancing the sexual wellness of the Austin community. With non-surgical procedures, innovative technology, and a compassionate and experienced staff, we hope to help our patients feel valued and comfortable with their treatments as they take steps toward better sexual health. Rest assured—we’ve heard and seen it all—and our goal is to restore your confidence without adding any stress.




Improved Energy & Harmony.


Hormone imbalance can affect your work, relationships, and even cause depression. When your hormones are balanced, you’ll have more energy and an overall general sense of well-being. With EvexiPEL® hormone replacement in Austin, Texas, you can experience physical and emotional balance and harmony for 3-6 months with just one treatment to avoid roller coaster hormones with injections and patches.

While we often think of hormone replacement in postmenopausal women and older men, hormone optimization can benefit men and women as young as 30. There is no reason to struggle with the daily grind. If you’re symptomatic, you’re a candidate.

EvexiPEL hormone therapy can also help protect against heart disease, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and osteoporosis.

Versatile Treatments.


Improve your health & lifestyle

Learn more about how EvexiPEL Hormone Therapy in Austin, Texas may be able to improve your overall wellness and help you gain control of your symptoms.

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