Labial Discoloration
& Shrinkage

Labial discoloration and Shrinkage Treatments in Austin, Texas

Regain confidence in your intimacy

With aging and weight loss, the labia can begin to shrink and wrinkle, losing their volume and sensitivity. Additionally, the color may go from a pink or flesh tone to a darker brown color, making women feel self-conscious. Restoring labial volume and regenerating the tissue can lead to enhanced sexual pleasure.

After the age of 25, our body’s collagen production slows. We start to notice loss of volume in and wrinkles in our face and changes in the skin all over our body. Weight loss can make these changes more obvious. The drop in estrogen secondary to menopause, removal of the ovaries, or cancer treatments results in major changes in labial and vulvar skin color and tone, as well as volume. By using a combination of dermal filler and your body’s own blood, we can safely and effectively reverse these changes, restoring volume, blood flow and sensation to the area resulting in enhanced pleasure.


We value the sharing of knowledge, and that includes our techniques and practices to improve sexual wellness. Our physicians are among only a handful of industry leaders certified to train other physicians around the country on the best ways to administer O-Shot®, Priapus Shot®, and GAINSWave® treatments.


Our board-certified physicians have a passion for enhancing the sexual wellness of the Austin community. With non-surgical procedures, innovative technology, and a compassionate and experienced staff, we hope to help our patients feel valued and comfortable with their treatments as they take steps toward better sexual health. Rest assured—we’ve heard and seen it all—and our goal is to restore your confidence without adding any stress.

Regain confidence and intimacy with labial discoloration and shrinkage treatments at Austin Love Doctor™.